NetBeans 6.5 and Java 6u12 – A No-No!

I recently stumbled upon a problem within a NetBeans mobile project: The editor for the items within an application descriptor would no longer open. Instead a red light on NetBeans frame (all the way down and to the right) would indicate a NullPointer Exception 😦

It appears that the problem is related to running NetBeans 6.5 with Java 6 Update 12.

It appears that other areas and plug-ins might suffer from similar issues as at Do not use JDK 6u12. Use some previous JDK version. We are working on this and NetBeans throws NullPointerException when adding a server.

Update: This bug has now been fixed. Get NetBeans 6.5.1 now.


I don’t know who is the culprit, so just use Java 6 Update 11 (6u11) instead of 6u12:

Download and install Java 6u11 from Sun’s archives or directly from Archive: Download Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 Update 11.

Change your NetBeans configuration (e.g. ) to use 6u11 instead of 6u12, e.g.:

# Default location of JDK, can be overridden by using --jdkhome <dir>:
netbeans_jdkhome="C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_11"

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