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A Weekend in Barcelona – Ein Wochenende in Barcelona

Just all the pictures dumped from my camera using FirmTools AlbumCreator. Hier einfach alle Bilder aus meiner Kamera, aufbereitet mit FirmTools AlbumCreator.

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How to prevent WP-Cache from changing a Feed’s Content-Type to text/html

After upgrading to WP 2.1, Kelson had to downgrade WP-Cache 2.1 to a tweaked 2.0.17, because with RSS feeds WP-Cache 2.1 would,  when serving a request from its cache, always return Content-Type text/html instead of Content-Type text/xml. Why does WP-Cache not reproduce the original Content-Type text/xml? … Continue reading

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Vistered Little revisited

After having added some wallpapers to Vistered Little, I learnt that they will all be downloaded, regardless whether they are actually shown or not. That sums up quite a bit… The reason is, that the background selection does not display real … Continue reading

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New Theme: Vistered Little is Great

I always wanted to have it, because it’s just hilarious: Vistered Little. It appears to work properly with WP 2.1 and even with WP-Cache 2.1, as far as my requirements are concerned. Points to keep in mind: Switching backgrounds requires … Continue reading

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