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Java DateFormat: Do use FastDateFormat or clone() to achieve Thread-Safety

TL;DR: Use Apache Commons FastDateFormat. Use DateFormat.clone() if you can’t use FastDateFormat. Continue reading

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Looking for great Ionic 2 example apps – Ionic 2 Conference Application by Ionic

This is not original content, but praises as a great example for an Ionic 2 Angular 2 TypeScript app. Continue reading

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Using Docker to create Ionic 2 PWA developer environment

For creating a simple Progressive Web Application (PWA) I chose Ionic 2 because it looks cool and it’s based on Angular 2.

I show, how I used Docker to set up a tiny developer environment on a MacBook, avoiding involved installation and isolating my host from all the mishaps that may (will) happen on its way.

At the same time, you’ll take a glimpse at Docker’s ease of use, up to using Docker Hub’s cloud infrastructure. Continue reading

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OS X: Why takes Panic’s Transmit so much longer to transfer a text file via SFTP than Cyberduck? Compression!

Transmit needs OS X ssh config in order to enable sftp compression. Continue reading

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How to restore an EBS based Amazon EC2 Windows instance from a snapshot

This mail showed up this afternoon within my inbox: Dear REINER SADDEY, Your volume experienced a failure due to multiple failures of the underlying hardware components and we were unable to recover it. Although EBS volumes are designed for reliability, … Continue reading

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Episodes from the Life of a Mac Convert – How to install Apache?

Yes, I shout it out to all my fellow brothers – after having led a sinful life of Windows miseries, I now have become a true and humble Apple believer ūüôā I wanted to install a web server on my … Continue reading

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Mac OS X (Snow Leopard): 1-2-3 Minimal Tomcat Install for Developers

This will install Tomcat for developer use – i.e. within your user home path, using your login,¬†not as a service: Get the tar.gz for Tomcat Core from¬†Apache Tomcat Change to your private Library: cd ~/Library Unpack Tomcat, e.g. tar xvfz … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Tap Your (SIP) VOIP Phone Line for Free

I’d like to present a free solution for Windows XP that reliably records¬†incoming and outgoing SIP phone calls. I’m currently using it to record traditional conference calls for a team of software¬†developers. What you need Either Windows XP or Debian/Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Debuggen von Java Anwendungen – auf der √úberholspur!

English¬†article at ¬†Bad Habits Die Hard – How to Prepare Java Apps for Full Speed Debugging. Beim Instrumentieren einer Java Anwendung f√ľr (auch Remote) Debugging werden oftmals VM-Parameter verwendet, die die Anwendung sp√ľrbar verlangsamen, da sie den Just-In-Time Compiler der … Continue reading

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Bad Habits Die Hard – How to Prepare Java Apps for Full Speed Debugging

Deutsche Fassung bei Debuggen von Java Anwendungen – auf der √úberholspur!¬† When instrumenting your Java application for remote debugging, a commonly used set of VM parameters brings your application to a crawl, as it disables just-in-time compiliation and¬†enforces interpeter-only mode, … Continue reading

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