Episodes from the Life of a Mac Convert – How to install Apache?

Yes, I shout it out to all my fellow brothers – after having led a sinful life of Windows miseries, I now have become a true and humble Apple believer 🙂

I wanted to install a web server on my Snow Leopard MacBook Pro in order to hand out some documents and thus ventured into googling for mac install apache. I was quite dissatisfied most articles appeared to be rather involved, requiring to either install by source or mandating other system wide packages to be fetched.

It was no sooner than half an hour I discovered that all that was required is just a single tick within a System Preferences Panel:

  1. Open Sharing from System Preferences
  2. Tick Web Sharing

Apache is included off-the-shelf and started immediately after Web Sharing has been enabled 🙂

MacMost has a video that includes PHP as well:

About Reiner

Born 1954 in Ratisbon (Bavaria, Germany), in 1976 punched cards at Berlin Technical University, caught hacking one of its mainframes by Horst Zuse (son of Konrad Zuse), started studying computer science and soon was offered a job whithin their computer department doing systems programming for IBM VM/370. While studying, jobbed around Germany at various places doing all sorts of things, then returned to Berlin to work at SRZ (computer aided typesetting). Never finished my master degree, but chose to take up self-employed work (which didn't turn me rich nor famous). Now working for a mid-sized software company within a very promising department as head of server software development.
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