Deckrackling the Acoustic Energy WIFI Internet Radio – 10% Effort – 90% Less Noise

The Acoustic Energy WIFI Internet Radio

The Acoustic Energy 100 Internet RadioThe AE 100 was one of the first devices that, in a stand-alone unit, receives radio broadcasts from all around the world using Reciva technology and firmware.

AE 100 users are well aware of a common pitfall of this unit. When the volume is low your listening experience is impaired by frequent crackling noises.

Where do those crackling sounds come from?

Inside the AE 100 there is a WIFI USB stick, that implements the connection to your wireless LAN. The RF energy of its transmitter leaks into the wires which connect the loadspeakers to the analog amplifier circuit, where it is rectified and causes transmission packets to be heard. Well, it’s not a Sony 😦

How to avoid them?

There are some work-arounds for this bug, notably the one provided at AE 100 crackle problem : yet another fix. Philippe gives detailed instructions on how to dismantle the unit and how to shield the loadspeaker wires using shielding foil from STP computer cabling.

My no materials approach: Just twist them wires

Losely following Philippe’s instructions (I put the unit flat on its side, so I would not need three hands to handle the housing parts), I opened the case and unplugged the loudspeaker wires. Then I twisted them gently, so that they looked similar to the ones found in UTP cabling. I then reconnected the wires and reassembled the unit, trying to put as much of the wires near the loadspeakers as possible.

Less noise in almost no time at all

The crackles can still be heard with the volume set to 1 bar and your ear next to the front grid, but they are no longer perceivable at all during normal use 🙂

The actual noise level may be more or less random depending on the position the wires will take when closing the unit.

Twisted Wires 2

Twisted Wires 1

About Reiner

Born 1954 in Ratisbon (Bavaria, Germany), in 1976 punched cards at Berlin Technical University, caught hacking one of its mainframes by Horst Zuse (son of Konrad Zuse), started studying computer science and soon was offered a job whithin their computer department doing systems programming for IBM VM/370. While studying, jobbed around Germany at various places doing all sorts of things, then returned to Berlin to work at SRZ (computer aided typesetting). Never finished my master degree, but chose to take up self-employed work (which didn't turn me rich nor famous). Now working for a mid-sized software company within a very promising department as head of server software development.
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4 Responses to Deckrackling the Acoustic Energy WIFI Internet Radio – 10% Effort – 90% Less Noise

  1. jeff says:

    works for me. many, many thanks!


  2. Reiner says:

    Monvere succeeded in doing the twist without even disassembling the unit: “Slight variation – I unmounted the speakers and twisted them, since I didn’t fancy fiddling around with cables too much before the caffeine had hit. Seems to have had the desired effect.” Wow!

    See his post at Reciva Radio Portal


  3. Roger says:

    what an easy fix – after a year of crackles – now 95% crackle free. Thanks!!Shame a company who’s supposed to make such great kit couldn’t do something so simple themselves.


  4. Steve says:

    I had been so annoyed by the cracking sound, thinking there was nothing that could be done. I listen to my AE Wi-Fi radio at bedside using the excellent C Crane Soft Pillow Speaker – – so the noise was quite annoying, even to my wife on the other side of the bed. I searched for a fix and found this one among others. I first checked my router, finding it to already be on an acceptable channel. I tried disabling “b” and leaving only “g” to no avail. Next I tried your twisted wires suggestion. The improvement was immediate and now there is no perciptible crackle. Thank you!


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