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Born 1954 in Ratisbon (Bavaria, Germany), in 1976 punched cards at Berlin Technical University, caught hacking one of its mainframes by Horst Zuse (son of Konrad Zuse), started studying computer science and soon was offered a job whithin their computer department doing systems programming for IBM VM/370. While studying, jobbed around Germany at various places doing all sorts of things, then returned to Berlin to work at SRZ (computer aided typesetting). Never finished my master degree, but chose to take up self-employed work (which didn't turn me rich nor famous). Now working for a mid-sized software company within a very promising department as head of server software development.

Debuggen von Java Anwendungen – auf der Überholspur!

English article at  Bad Habits Die Hard – How to Prepare Java Apps for Full Speed Debugging. Beim Instrumentieren einer Java Anwendung für (auch Remote) Debugging werden oftmals VM-Parameter verwendet, die die Anwendung spürbar verlangsamen, da sie den Just-In-Time Compiler der … Continue reading

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Bad Habits Die Hard – How to Prepare Java Apps for Full Speed Debugging

Deutsche Fassung bei Debuggen von Java Anwendungen – auf der Überholspur!  When instrumenting your Java application for remote debugging, a commonly used set of VM parameters brings your application to a crawl, as it disables just-in-time compiliation and enforces interpeter-only mode, … Continue reading

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Deckrackling the Acoustic Energy WIFI Internet Radio – 10% Effort – 90% Less Noise

The Acoustic Energy WIFI Internet Radio The AE 100 was one of the first devices that, in a stand-alone unit, receives radio broadcasts from all around the world using Reciva technology and firmware. AE 100 users are well aware of a common … Continue reading

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Java 6 Update 2 may stop Internet Explorer from starting

After having installed Java 6 Update 2, my Internet Explorer 6 would refuse to start without any indication whatsoever. I’m running Windows 2000 Server and – as I’m doing Java development – there are numerous older JDKs installed on my … Continue reading

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WLAN Hintergründe – Warum Sie andere Kanäle als 1, 6 und 11 vermeiden sollten wie die Pest

Zusammengefasst: Verwenden Sie für Ihr 2,4 GHz WLAN auschließlich die Kanäle 1, 6 und 11. Und die Welt wird ein klein wenig besser – ganz umsonst 🙂 Endlich! Ihr neuer WLAN Router und auch die Zugangsdaten sind eingetroffen. Da Sie ein … Continue reading

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WiFi insights – Why you should avoid using channels other than 1, 6, 11 and 14 like the plague

In short: Only use channels 1, 6, 11 (and 14 if you live in Japan) for your 2.4 GHz wireless LAN and simply ignore the other ones. The world will be a better place with no effort at all 🙂 Great! … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Barcelona – Ein Wochenende in Barcelona

Just all the pictures dumped from my camera using FirmTools AlbumCreator. Hier einfach alle Bilder aus meiner Kamera, aufbereitet mit FirmTools AlbumCreator.

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How to prevent WP-Cache from changing a Feed’s Content-Type to text/html

After upgrading to WP 2.1, Kelson had to downgrade WP-Cache 2.1 to a tweaked 2.0.17, because with RSS feeds WP-Cache 2.1 would,  when serving a request from its cache, always return Content-Type text/html instead of Content-Type text/xml. Why does WP-Cache not reproduce the original Content-Type text/xml? … Continue reading

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Vistered Little revisited

After having added some wallpapers to Vistered Little, I learnt that they will all be downloaded, regardless whether they are actually shown or not. That sums up quite a bit… The reason is, that the background selection does not display real … Continue reading

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New Theme: Vistered Little is Great

I always wanted to have it, because it’s just hilarious: Vistered Little. It appears to work properly with WP 2.1 and even with WP-Cache 2.1, as far as my requirements are concerned. Points to keep in mind: Switching backgrounds requires … Continue reading

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