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Grails – How to Use Native Server Logging Configuration (e.g. Tomcat GlassFish JBoss)

Grails comes complete with logging out-of-the-box. However, if a Grails application is being deployed to a production servlet container, it may be advisable or even required for Grails to step aside and let the server admins do their jobs ūüôā … Continue reading

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How to persuade Hibernate to accept Nullable Timestamp Columns for Optimistic Locking

Working on a Grails project that needs to access a legacy database, it proved quite time-consuming to implement optimistic locking in a way that can be handled by Hibernate. Optimistic locking used to be implemented within (legacy) application code and … Continue reading

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Grails: Links from my first week with Grails

Never before in my life I had the opportunity to learn a new technology and put it into productive use within just a couple of days. Grails will change is changing has changed the Java and framework landscape. Using Grails, … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Tap Your (SIP) VOIP Phone Line for Free

I’d like to present a free solution for Windows XP that reliably records¬†incoming and outgoing SIP phone calls. I’m currently using it to record traditional conference calls for a team of software¬†developers. What you need Either Windows XP or Debian/Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Bad Habits Die Hard – How to Prepare Java Apps for Full Speed Debugging

Deutsche Fassung bei Debuggen von Java Anwendungen – auf der √úberholspur!¬† When instrumenting your Java application for remote debugging, a commonly used set of VM parameters brings your application to a crawl, as it disables just-in-time compiliation and¬†enforces interpeter-only mode, … Continue reading

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Deckrackling the Acoustic Energy WIFI Internet Radio – 10% Effort – 90% Less Noise

The Acoustic Energy¬†WIFI Internet Radio The AE 100 was one of the first devices that, in a stand-alone unit, receives radio¬†broadcasts from all around the world using Reciva technology and firmware. AE 100 users are well aware of a common … Continue reading

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Java 6 Update 2 may stop Internet Explorer from starting

After having installed Java 6 Update 2, my Internet Explorer 6 would refuse to start without any indication whatsoever. I’m running Windows 2000 Server and – as I’m doing Java development – there are numerous older JDKs installed on my … Continue reading

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WiFi insights – Why you should avoid using channels other than 1, 6, 11 and 14 like the plague

In short: Only use channels 1, 6,¬†11 (and 14 if you live in Japan) for your 2.4 GHz wireless LAN and simply ignore the other ones. The world will be a better place with no effort at all ūüôā Great! … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Barcelona – Ein Wochenende in Barcelona

Just all the pictures dumped from my camera using FirmTools AlbumCreator. Hier einfach alle Bilder aus meiner Kamera, aufbereitet mit FirmTools AlbumCreator.

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Vistered Little revisited

After having added some¬†wallpapers to Vistered Little, I learnt that they will all be downloaded, regardless whether they are actually shown or not. That sums up quite a bit… The reason is, that the background selection does not display real … Continue reading

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