Jack PC: Tausche PC gegen Steckdose

6900.jpgWohnen Sie noch? Oder leben Sie schon? Bei eBay gefunden: Der PC in der Steckdose, eine Sorte von sliced bred, nur noch kleiner und heißer: Ein PC so klein, dass er in die Steckdose passt. Wer’s nicht glaubt, soll bei http://www.chippc.com/ selber nachsehen!





Oparating System Windows CE .NET 4.2 Windows CE .NET 4.2 Windows CE .NET 4.2
Class Wall-Integrated Wall-Integrated Wall-Integrated
CPU AMD Au 1550 RISC AMD Au 1550 RISC AMD Au 1550 RISC
CPU FSB 333 MHz 500 MHz 500 MHz
Equiv. x86 800 MHz 1.2 GHz 1.2 GHz
Flash/RAM 32/64 MB 64/128 MB 64/128 MB
Video Memory 4 MB 8 MB 8 MB
Video Output Analog Analog DVI/Analog
(Dual screen support )
Audio Support In/Out 20-bit Stereo In/Out 20-bit Stereo In/Out 20-bit Stereo
USB Ports 4 4 4
Max Resolution 1280×1024 pixels 1280×1024 pixels 1600×1200 pixels
* Future support
Max Colors 16 M (24 bit) 16 M (24 bit) 16 M (24 bit)

About Reiner

Born 1954 in Ratisbon (Bavaria, Germany), in 1976 punched cards at Berlin Technical University, caught hacking one of its mainframes by Horst Zuse (son of Konrad Zuse), started studying computer science and soon was offered a job whithin their computer department doing systems programming for IBM VM/370. While studying, jobbed around Germany at various places doing all sorts of things, then returned to Berlin to work at SRZ (computer aided typesetting). Never finished my master degree, but chose to take up self-employed work (which didn't turn me rich nor famous). Now working for a mid-sized software company within a very promising department as head of server software development.
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