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Gmail Offline Access with Google Apps Premier Edition outside of the US

I encountered a tiny problem using Gmail Offline with Google Apps Premier, that might apply only to some non-US countries. The Create Desktop Shortcuts action does not create any shortcut at all (at the time of this writing and using … Continue reading

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How to send Alert Mails with GlassFish v2ur2

I’d like to demonstrate GlassFish configuration settings that will cause GlassFish v2ur2 (aka SJAS 9.1_02) to to send alert emails on logging errors or warnings. A trivial task for an application server that implements a plethora of standards and offers … Continue reading

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Yoigo y los Datos – Cutting down your mobile calling and internet access costs while staying in Spain

Update (Vodafone) In Germany there is a saying “Don’t praise the day before dusk”. Two days after having published my praise for Yoigo here, they may have uncovered my “excessive” service usage. The bright coach has now turned into a … Continue reading

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Grails: How to log within static methods

Grails injects a log object for each artifact, but these loggers are not accessible within static methods. Here’s a quick-and-dirty code snippet sample that demonstrates how to log from a static method within domain class Account. The trick is to … Continue reading

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Google Talk Chatback

Half an hour ago I wanted to chat with a colleague of mine. I’m not that much into chatting, but into moving all and everything to Google Apps, so I’m on Google Talk (on my mobile as well), but my … Continue reading

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Woher kommen die Bilder – ohne Staatsanwalt?

Ein Artikel ohne Bilder ist wie ein Redner ohne Stimme – langweilig bis lästig. Aber woher nehmen und nicht stehlen? Über 3 Millionen legale Bilder zu bezahlbaren Preisen gibt es z.B. von In dieser (kleinsten) Auflösung (z.B. 412×292) für nur 83¢.

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How to prevent WP-Cache from changing a Feed’s Content-Type to text/html

After upgrading to WP 2.1, Kelson had to downgrade WP-Cache 2.1 to a tweaked 2.0.17, because with RSS feeds WP-Cache 2.1 would,  when serving a request from its cache, always return Content-Type text/html instead of Content-Type text/xml. Why does WP-Cache not reproduce the original Content-Type text/xml? … Continue reading

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